Mary and Joseph are on their way

Mary and Joseph are on their way

December 1st  saw Mary and Joseph making their first overnight stay, and they've been travelling ever since.

December 6th


Their host family say " we have been lucky enough to have Mary and Joseph tonight so the children have been showing them around! They have had a chat with Santa and been part of a group cuddle and are now resting in the spare bed ready for moving on tomorrow.x their visit always brings a smile and for me it’s the start of Christmas!"


December 13th

Mya has loved talking to Mary and Joseph , she’s retold the story to myself and kev, whilst moving them around the kitchen island. She also sang her heart out to them , as it was her school nativity today, and as your aware , she loves  her voice! 🎤!
We look forward to caring for them again next year !




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