Ride and Stride Day: September 9th

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Welcome to RIDE+Stride, the foremost annual event to raise funds for repairs to Leicester and Leicestershire's historic churches, chapels and meeting houses

September 9th 2017

Over £950,000 has been raised in Leicestershire since 1990 when County and City joined the 35 or so English Counties staging the event, an inspiration by Suffolk from 1982. The event continues to raise around £40,000 annually in Leicestershire. Half the sponsorship money is paid to a church, chapel or meeting house of the participant's choice.

The other half contributes to the Leicestershire Historic Churches' Trust's assets and funds grants for eligible repairs  and some improvements of basic facilities in churches, chapels and meeting houses.

Could you ride or stride for St John's? And get sponsored? or could you spare some time that day to sit in church to book in riders? If so, contact Vivien on http://teamrector@stlaurencechurchmeasham.org.uk

How it works

County Historic Churches Trusts throughout England organise within their own counties a Sponsored Ride+Stride (for pedal cyclists, walkers, joggers, runners, horse-riders, mobility scooter drivers). The basic principle is that 50% of sponsorship money goes to the church or chapel chosen by the participant, with the other 50% going to the respective County Trust. You can also be sponsored as a welcomer/recorder on duty in a church for registering participants who call in for their forms to be signed

Participants plan their own routes (which may cross county borders), with the assistance of each county’s printed list of churches and chapels that are open on the day.  Riders and striders ask their relations, friends and colleagues to sponsor them - so much for each church or chapel they visit between 10am and 6pm on the day, or a lump sum.  This is recorded on a special sponsor form, and participants can take part for as long or short a time, within the day, as is convenient for them.

For more info, go to http://lhct.org.uk/ride_stride.html

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