What do Christians believe?

What do Christians believe?

Would you like to find out more about the Christian faith?

Have you become a parent and wondering about having your child christened, and wonder what it’s really about? Would you like to be baptized or confirmed yourself? Do you need a refresher because your Sunday school days were long ago?

  Then we have something just for you. Starting in January/February, we’ll be taking a journey through what Christians believe about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the church over 6 sessions. It’s a chance to hear about all this but also to ask your questions. Each session will last about 2 hours. We fix a time that’s best for those who want to join in.

 If interested do have a word with Vivien Elphick (01530 270354) or Sue Bradley (01530 271327)

St John's Church, Donisthorpe

Do visit this website which is also helpful https://christianity.org.uk/


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