The Caves Home Group

 The Caves group meets each Thursday evening informally in someone’s home.  Why do we do this?  On Sunday we sit and listen, whilst on Thursday we can ask questions and share impressions of what we heard on Sunday and also questions like “why do we go to church each week?” “What difference does it make to our lives?”.

So that we don’t spend too much time chatting or repeating the same subjects, we usually have a set of themed Bible readings and questions, which we discuss for about half an hour. We  have a time of prayer, when we think about friends and family who are not well or have a problem; we pray for the world situation and give thanks for the good things that have happened. We sing a few hymns to guitar accompaniment. We end the evening with coffee / tea and biscuits and general conversation.

If you are interested in joing us, then contact Vivien on and she will put you in touch with us

Ray and Joan Wallis