Mary and Joseph's journey competition results





Mary and Joseph’s long journey.

Thank you to all who took part in the competition and to those who have told us they followed Mary and Joseph on their journey and really enjoyed it. For those of us setting up the trail, it was great fun too as many people came to talk and ask what we were doing, and got excited about it as well.

The winners:

Age 5-11  Ben and Rosie Taylor (Measham)

Age 12- 18. No entries

Age 19-39  Maddie Clark (Donisthorpe)

Age 40 +  Lyn Gale   (Donisthorpe)

Family: The Powell family (Packington)


So where were all those places Mary and Joseph visited? Here are the answers:

Day 1.  Measham Church

Day 2.  Measham CE school

Day 3.  Measham rec off Bosworth Road  + Measham surgery

Day 4   A42 bridge

Day 5.  Oakthorpe school

Day 6.  Donisthorpe church

Day  7. DMs/Jungle Madness  + Moira Furnace

Day 8.  Conkers Discovery

Day 9.  Donisthorpe school

Day 10. Appleby church

Day 11. Almshouses

Day 12. Crown pub  play area + Sir John Moore school

Day 13. A444 roundabout Garage

Day 14. Twycross zoo

Day 15. Norton juxta Twycross church

Day 16. Snarestone school + Snarestone church

Day 17  Alpaca Farm Snarestone – donkey would have met alpcas and other 4 legged friends

Day 18  Swepstone church

Day 19 Newton  Burgoland school

Day 20  Jubilee woods, Normanton le Heath

Day 21  Normanton church

Day 22  Mushroom farm: Normanton/Packington

Day 23  Packington lock up

Day 24   Packington Memorial hall

Day 25  Packington school

Day 26 Packington church

The tie breaker answers were great. Entrants were asked to say what was the best bit of the Christmas story for them and why. Here is a sample:

“The Star of Bethlehem - and how it communicated to the other side of the world”

“Harper likes when Angel Gabriel tells the shepherds and the sheep about Jesus' birth, spreading the

exciting news about a new King being born!”

“The angels telling the shepherds in the fields because it must have been such an awesome moment and

full of such anticipation, hope and also fear”

“When the kings come, because they were being kind when they gave the gifts to Mary and Joseph”

“When the shepherds came because the shepherds have sheep and I love sheep”

“the angels announcing Jesus birth to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds because of the joy, the good

news and the hope they brought then and now!”

“The angels appeared to the shepherds telling of Jesus’ birth; this tells us that Jesus came as saviour

of everyone, even the most lowly. It reminds us that everyone matters to Him.”