Praying the psalms weekend was great!

Awake, My Soul!”: A Guide to Praying the Psalms

Deanery Weekend led by Chris Webb



This weekend in April was brilliant.

Here's one review: "Ever heard of Chris Webb ?  No,  well you missed a fantastic w/e of laughter, fun, and excellent  ways of what you can do with the Psalms, yes even writing  your own psalm!   This guy is so gifted he just happens to be the Deputy Warden at Launde Abbey as well as being a Benedictine Monk. If repeated don’t miss out, Deanery events can be great times ! and not dull and boring"

We had three input sessions from Chris - opening up new avenues of thought on the psalms, and new ways of praying. On the Saturday evening, he spoke more personally about his life and how he came to faith - through practising yoga. And Chris is someone who tells a story well and is something of an actor. And we were able to enjoy music as well.

Our Sunday morning service was full and Chris preached - challenging us to realise that God does love each one of us personally.