Project Paddington

Project Paddington

Linda Cox writes:

Project Paddington, is the brainchild of a group of mums from Sheffield. They were touched by the plight of refugees, particularly the children. Knowing their own children’s love of Teddy Bears, and having recently watched the story of Paddington Bear, with his label asking for someone to look after him, Project Paddington was launched just a few months ago.

Initially local schools were approached and children were asked to donate a ‘Bear’ for a refugee child with a message attached from them. This rapidly became known further afield through social media networks, and a nationwide project sprang up overnight. This is where I became involved.

I approached local schools in The Woodfield Team and asked if they were interested. All said they were and would put the idea out to their children and parents.

As a result over 150 ‘Teddy Bears’ have been sent to the project and will be transported and distributed out to refugee children in the next few weeks. Donations of money have also been sent via Tearfund, to help fund basic supplies that are urgently needed.

I would like to say a big thank you to all who have been involved in this project.


Photo of some of the Teddies collected by Measham School.

To find out more about Project Paddington, go to

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