Bran's first blog

November 17th 2018

The Missus keeps telling me that we ought to get up to date, and do some blogging. But she never gets round to it, so I'm having a go. This gives you an idea of my 'normal' life.

This is me and my name is Bran: 

You'll see that one of my jobs each day is to keep an eye out for cats coming into my garden.  Enjoy watching the birds feeding tooThought I'd give you my take on a dog's life when the Missus wears a dog collar as well as me!

   We get up about 7 a.m. each day . We go out whatever the weather but I've noticed it's often a bit shorter if it's very wet and cold. It's good to meet the other dogs who walk in Measham. And their owners. It's back to breakfast.

    It's then time to catch up on another nap until 9 a.m. when we go into Measham church to talk to God. It's nice when there are others there to help so I can curl up on my seat and let them get on with it. (The stone floor of the church is very cold so they put out a chair for me which is warmer and we're all in a circle talking to God then).

  After Morning Prayer, the Missus usually sits in front of the computer which I find very boring, but I guess it's helpful to her. If she's there too long, I give a good sigh which usually gets me a game in the garden.

  Each day is different. If the Missus has meetings in Leicester or somewhere else, it's good for me. I go to my second home where I get spoilt and well walked so those are good days. Other days, I get to meet all sorts of people and I try to make sure they know they are loved and that I care.

  I get to go to church meetings as well. People do talk a lot and get very serious, so I tend to have a good sleep. I've enjoyed the recent Lent meetings - lots of people that I know to make a fuss of me.

  A special time of every day is walk time around lunch - we go good distances and I often get a swim which is really great. Sometimes the odd duck to chase but I never get near them as they fly off. Days off are particularly good for the walks - we go out for hours. the Missus loves the scenery and I enjoy the smells and the odd take away that someone has thrown away.

  So you can see that life as the Vicarage dog is a real dog's life.