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  The Church in Baghdad

Mosaic Middle East

(Formerly titled The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East)

      FFRME has been a charity supported by Packington Church for a number of years now. It was founded originally by Canon Andrew White, known as the Vicar of Baghdad. Its aim: to bring hope, healing and help in the Middle East. We’re putting up details of its work now to remind us of others and not to focus just on our own woes.

   Recently it’s changed its name from FFRME to Mosaic Middle East. The thinking behind this is (as they wrote): “ Mosaic speaks of a beautiful picture made up of many pieces; of a coming together of elements to create an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. Fragments or broken pieces of different colours and materials are used to craft images which tell stories and capture dreams. These pieces seem insignificant in themselves. For us they represent broken lives and fragmented communities. When lovingly put together with infinite care a profound transformation occurs. From brokenness emerges an image of beauty and wholeness.” It is an image of what this charity seeks to achieve.

“we want to communicate through the work of Mosaic Middle East – Christian compassion with God’s grace is transformative”

Go to their website for full details of all they do. It is quite amazing:  http:// 

Their work encompasses:

  • St George’s Baghdad where they partner with and fund an inspiring Medical Clinic. Attendance at the St George's church services is about one third of the normal level, because of the fear of the virus. BUT...St George's is the only church in Baghdad holding services at this time. Cases of the Coronavirus in Baghdad have been rising to alarming levels. At the time of writing there are over 5,000 new cases recorded each day in Iraq. Bearing in mind the likely under-reporting and the population size, (approximately one tenth that of the USA for example) it seems fair to say that the scale of the problem is severe. This is borne out by the fact that two of the doctors at the St George's Medical Clinic contracted the virus, but have thankfully since recovered. Additional cleaning and sterilisation at the clinic is being undertaken and specialist equipment has been obtained for this. The clinic itself is running at half normal capacity but in August saw some 980 medical cases.
  • Nineveh SEED: (Sustainable Enterprise Economic Development). The Nineveh Plain, known as the bread-basket of Iraq was devastated by ISIS in 2014. After their defeat, some people have tried to return but struggled to restore the livelihoods they once had. One man said  “How can we return when there are no jobs?”. Together with Iraqi NGO partners, Mosaic is developing a range of projects to help restore the local economies of the region. 
  • Olive Tree Centres:  giving hope to refugees 

 Ambitious Goals for 2024

a) 12,000 Iraqi Christian refugees supported in Jordan: There is a growing need for our relief and empowerment work. They  hope to expand our capacity from the 2020 level of 7,700 people supported each year.

b) 4 new Olive Tree Centres: The first Olive Tree Centre in Madaba, Jordan supports hundreds of Christian refugees with a range of educational, therapeutic and empowerment programmes.  In partnership with local Jordanian churches, they plan  new Centres and to greatly expand their impact.

c) 2,000 beneficiaries of our Nineveh SEED Development Programme: Partnering with Iraqi NGO's they have already provided 7 new business and job creation projects. They  aim to complete a further 35-45 projects in the next three years, helping people to help themselves through sustainable development.

d) 1,000 refugees through advocacy support: they are developing a pioneering new programme to advocate for refugees and their families; including healthcare, education and applications for asylum.

e) 20,000 patient treatment visits at St George's Clinic each year: they are the main funders of the Clinic, which comes under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf. The  ambition is to help them secure sustainable funding for the long-term.

What can we do here in the Woodfield Team?

  • Visit the website and learn more
  • Pray for the work of Mosaic
  • Make a donation
  • Tell others who might join in supporting them


For me (Vivien), it’s a charity that challenges me to look beyond ourselves and to remember others whose lives are so different. Here’s something we can do to make a difference, however small. Let's do our bit