A letter from Rick Tett

A letter from Revd Rick Tett, new Woodfield Team Vicar

at the start of his working in the Woodfield Team

    Rick and his wife Deborah and Rick's ordination in 2016

       As I decided to write this pastoral letter, this verse came into my head (Luke 10:27) Jesus answered “love the lord your God with all your heart al your soul all your strength and all your mind; and love your neighbour as yourself”.

   We live in the most uncertain and challenging times ever as this pandemic sweeps the world but we have to care for the vulnerable in our society even more now, showing we can work together as a church family to support and care for others.

    As I am sitting here with the sun shining through the office window, on and off, I think of the beauty of God’s creation. I have served in many parts of the world with differing climates but always enjoyed and looked forward to returning home to Britain.  Living in this lovely rural area of Leicestershire makes me think of farming and food production, of times I spent when I was younger working alongside my uncle on his farm, also watching the pickers working hard in the fields around, and praying for our farmers continuing to bring us our food. but then these thoughts brought me back to food.

    One of the distractions working from home is the kitchen, it’s so easy to go and get food, so I have decided I need to go on a diet. Have you ever tried to lose weight? I’m sure most of us have tried and are still trying; we try all different diets, go on to different plans and in the end it’s all down to how disciplined we are.  We will lose a few pounds and put them on again, then lose them again; maybe for something special we will stick to the plan.

    Loving God is the essence of being a Christian and like our diets we need someone to help us. Loving God with all we have is often difficult; we need that spiritual renewal, that boost, and I don’t mean the chocolate version. When we invite Jesus to journey with us, we grow in confidence and self-worth; we gain that inner strength to battle everything life throws at us, even that diet.

    The order Jesus gives us of loving God and our neighbour is important. Our spirituality, the heart stuff, will show itself in how we treat others and how we look after ourselves.

   My prayers go out at this time for all key workers, for those on the front line and for all who are sick at this time.

Stay safe.

Every blessing

Rick Tett

Rick's phone number is 01530 481476.

Email him on woodfieldteamvicar@gmail.com