Introducing Revd Rck Tett

Introducing Revd Rick Tett

The intention had been to interview Rick at our Team service on 29th March. He is due to start work on 1st April for real, having been licensed as Team Vicar on March 16th. He and his wife Debs have spent the intervening time settling in to Appleby Rectory, and sorting out house and garden.

But they arrive in strange times.

 Here are his answers to some of the questions that Barry, Ceriann, Joanne and Wilma came up with:

What is your favourite memory?

Spending time with the family at Osmington Mills in our caravan, no electric but we had so much fun.

What hobbies do you have?

I enjoy being outside, hill walking, cycling and playing racket sports.

If you could have dinner with anybody (dead or alive) which 3 people would you pick? 

Ant Middleton for his survival skills, Stephen Fry for his intellect and Nadia the cook.

Given the current difficult circumstances the world and the church find itself in, how do you see yourself offering pastoral care at this time?

Being new to the area this is going to be one of the most challenging times, but I am willing to be at the end of the phone and email, sharing thoughts, prayers with anyone who needs them.

What lessons from your experience in rural ministry do you think will help you in your new position?

Good communication with the team and others by phone or email. Be flexible and be willing to go the extra mile when needed. Learn the quick ways to get from church to church. Be visible. Have a good sense of humour.

Tea or coffee? And how do you like it?

Tea with one sugar black, Coffee milk and one sugar, tot of single malt in it when appropriate.

Sweet or savoury?

Sweet any day of the week especially if it’s CAKE (any it doesn’t matter)

If you could only choose one thing to eat what would it be


What would be your desert island book - other than the bible? If you could only take 2 pieces of music what would they be and why

 I like Sam Wells books especially ‘how then shall we live’ I am happy with any Celtic music and  Stormsy  - he is a Christian and some of his lyrics are profound.

Have you got a favourite football team or are you a Rugby Union man? 

Rugby union all the time, Bath has been my following, come on the cherry and whites.

Do you have a favourite Author and what type of book would give you the most enjoyment?

I like military stories and history especially autobiographies

What is your previous employment been?

I spent 18 years in the military, I drove lorries for Tesco and Asda, church army evangelist on the bus project in Chester then mission enabler as the Tolladine mission in the Worcester diocese both for 5 years.

We all welcome you Rick and Debs and look forward to getting to know you, even if not by the conventional face to face meetings 'in the flesh'. Technology will help!