St John's Church will be open for private prayer and funerals




We are delighted to say that we are moving towards the re-opening St John's Church building. We are taking this step by step and gradually at a level that we believe to be manageable so this is where we are now following the government announcement that church buildings could re-open for private prayer and funerals as from  June 15th:

  1. Private prayer: we know that many have valued being able to go into St. John's for quiet and for a time of reflection. It has been important to us that this can restart. From June 30th, church will be open from 10am-4pm Tuesdays-Thursdays. We hope to extend those times but that is what we feel is manageable right now, with the requirements placed upon us. If you could help with the work of disinfecting the building after use, then do get in touch. If you do come in to pray, can we ask you to observe the basic requirements in place to keep you and others safe. There is a specific area set aside for private prayer so please do keep to that area; it means that if we do have a funeral, we know that the rest of the church has not been used. For now we have had to remove all paper, Bibles, the pebble pool and so forth. This has been part of what is required. A detailed risk assessment can be found at
  2. Funeral services: the church will be open for funeral services now but with a limit of 20 mourners (as at the crematorium numbers have to be limited). Regulations will apply in that no singing is allowed at the present time and social distancing applies in terms of seating. However we particuarly wanted families to be able to come to church for funerals especially where the service is to be followed by a burial, and then the other option is a graveside service

   As from July 4th, church buildings may open for public worship and weddings. Attendance will be limited to 30. Again, for now, no singing is allowed and social distancing applies. We are awaiting specific advice about weddings. As regards Sunday worship, we will not be open from 4th July. Donisthorpe church is one of 8 churches in the Woodfield Team and it is likely that we will not hold Sunday services in each church every Sunday. This is partly due to  the fact not all of our ministers feel able yet to restart and the demand of sanitising the buildings. We aim to start holding services again in the Team as from August 2nd. I'll let you have more information as we work on what we can do and where. In the meantime do listen to our audio services and join in the twice monthly Zoom services

   I will add updates as and when I know more but do feel free to contact me if you have questions: or 01530 270354

Revd Vivien Elphick - June 25th 2020