St John's transformation project: May 2019






        Apologies for the silence on progress. We are moving ahead but I’ve been waiting to give you definite news. The plans in a slightly revamped form – see above - has the servery area on the south side of the church as desired by one of the heritage bodies and two toilets on the north side. The features shown in the main body of the church are all moveable.

On the keeping warm front, it has been agreed that we will go for under floor heating supplemented by convection heating. We are just checking that the convection heaters will not make too much noise. Without the two forms of heating, St John’s would be a tricky building to heat well. Once that way ahead has been agreed, the architect can get on with other work: checking levels for drainage, working out final designs and so on; all the minutiae that comes with a redesign of a big building.

The church advisory panel has agreed to fabric on the seats so that there will be comfort!

Currently, we have a lighting design going forward for consideration.

Our architect is in the process of offering us designs for a new font, prayer desks for those leading services and for a lectern. Alongside that we are working on what will be the most effective design for the internal glass doors leading into the church.

In all the consultations, some of the heritage bodies still have concerns about the changes. This means we still have to argue our case to transform the building. At the end of the day, it will be the Chancellor of the Diocese of Leicester who decides whether we go ahead as planned or not, so we have to make a good case.

It may feel as if nothing is happening but a huge amount of work is going in to this project. If you do want to speak to me, then do ring on 01530 270354

Vivien Elphick