St John's transformation project: September 2019






Builders will be moving into the church at St John’s later this year to dig test holes to find out what the foundations of the church are and what is under the floor, so that engineers can design the new floor. This work is needed before the re-ordering can begin in earnest. We continue to invest a lot of time and energy into this project and are working on details of various aspects of the project.


   Designs are being discussed for the new glass inner doors as well as for the reredos which will go behind the altar and for a new font.  Organ manufacturers are also being consulted.

There have been talks about the lighting and colour schemes as well as listening to the noise, or lack of it, that the new convection heating will make.  Convector heaters with destratification units, which keep the warm air away from the rafters, are likely to be chosen  which will save on costs over the original thoughts of having under floor heating. We might even qualify for a Green grant towards costs as a result.

Team Rector Revd. Canon Vivien Elphick says there are still ongoing conversations with various authorities about how far you have to preserve the old which would limit what is possible for this building in the now.

   She is hopeful that we will be able to present the full proposals for all we need to do to the DAC (ecclesiastical planners) at the end of the year. Undoubtedly there will then be more to-ing and fro-ing but we trust that the work on developing St John’s as a church for the community will be able to get under way in 2020.