The Building for All project progresses!




     Success!! I’m delighted to report that our proposals for the church were passed at the meeting of the diocesan advisors.  The Diocesan Advisory Committee agreed this month to the next stage of our proposal and we now can put up  public notices (a bit like town planning notices) and  click here to see it /content/pages/documents/1597483322.pdf. At the end of the notice period, it all goes to the Chancellor of the diocese who makes the final decision as to whether we can go ahead or not, and whether we have to adapt anything further. We will finally know where we are.

   The local authority passed our plans for the minor external changes, and we are working with Building Control over matters that come within their remit.

    Once we have the permission from the Chancellor we will be able to go out to tender. No doubt that will then mean fund raising. We have a good sum from the sale of the hall but I doubt it will be enough. Building costs are increasing all the time and we can’t start any fund-raising until we have permission.

     Over the years and months that we have been discussing this project, it has seemed at times that we have been getting nowehere but now we have passed this hurdle.

Vivien Elphick (August 15th 2020)