Plans for the transformation of St John's Church, Donisthorpe

Plans for the transformation of St John's Church, Donisthorpe

A Building for All

There are exciting plans to transform the interior of St John’s Church. The plan is to transform the building into a 'Building for All'.

Following a series of public meeting in the earlier part of this year, work is now progressing towards fine tuning the details which will lead to St John’s Church at Donisthorpe being made into a building suitable for the 21st century. 

The meetings were very positive in the proposals for the church which include toilets, a comfortable meeting area at the Western End, new heating, lighting and audio visual facilities. The Revd. Canon Vivien Elphick, team rector of the Woodfield Team, of which St John’s is part, said she was overjoyed by the support which flowed from the public meetings and for the ideas and comments which are now being considered as the next phase of the work starts.

“Since Easter there have been meetings with heating and audio visual engineers and we will soon be having meetings with lighting and decorating consultants,” said Vivien.

The team charged with bringing the ideas to fruition are to look at tables, chairs and seating while others are still ensuring that all the regulations and requirements of altering a building like St John’s are being met. Meetings with specialist providers are also planned.

An idea taken on board from the public meetings was to provide two toilets rather than the one originally planned.

“The public meetings were very positive and gave everyone a chance to look at the proposals and to give their feedback. Now we move to the next phase which is fine tuning suggestions, and working on details, “added Vivien

If anyone wants to talk about the scheme, they can contact Vivien on 01530 270354.

Here are the plans:

And perhaps these cut away diagrams give an easier view:

This is how the church looks now and below, the transformed version: