Vicar's View - May 2022



Like many families, we make birthday and Christmas lists. I still remember one of my friend’s son’s birthday list, the final one anyway, it began with red/orange shirt, black belt, whistling key ring, then adds Woman, one that laughs at my jokes and agrees with my politics, below this in his sisters writing come the words: you’ve got one she’s called your mother, and below in my friends writing he put dream on.

For me, this is an example of affectionate love within a family. This kind of love is not easy to develop and maintain. we need to feel safe enough to tease, banter and be playful with one another without fear of offence being given or taken.

Affection can be conveyed in so many ways: through words, tone of voice, facial expression, hugs and kisses. in the relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere that is generated, we can grow in confidence and in knowing and understanding each other.

We can learn to check and balance each other without getting too heavy about it; and how to disagree without being disagreeable, as a friend of mine puts it, you might as well curse your friends as wake them up early in the morning with a loud greeting.

(From the Old Testament)

We will have some difficult times ahead and we might not agree with each other, the shaped by God together process, lack of staff and minster communities are all areas of tension, so let’s be kind to each other but also be honest how we are doing and feeling.

I want to finish with two quotes:

Affection would not be affection

If it was loudly and frequently expressed.

To produce it in public is like getting

Your household furniture out for a move.

C.S Lewis.

It is love and kindness of human hearts

Through which the divine reality comes home

To people, whether they name it or not.

George. Merriam

Every blessing

Revd. Rick Tett

Team vicar



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